Motorstorm RC brings tiny trucks to Vita and PS3

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011 , Posted by admin at 21:50

Motorstorm RC brings tiny trucks to Vita and PS3

MotorStorm RC Announcement Trailer

For a new, smaller PlayStation system, Sony just announced a smaller MotorStorm. MotorStorm RC for PS Vita, due in the spring, shrinks the trucks down to radio-controlled toys, making it basically the Virtua Fighter Kids of PlayStation racing franchises. Weirdly, the RC trucks are still driving in real off-road racing type locations, "from the dusty desert mesa's of Monument Valley, to the dangerous jungles of a Pacific island, to the icy tundra at the Arctic Edge, to the apocalyptic ruins of an urban city." Essentially, a roundup of MotorStorm's greatest hits.

It's actually not just for Vita -- it'll be available as a PS3 download as well. And when you buy one, you automatically have access to the other, with the ability to use the same save. That PS3 version will have 4 player split-screen.


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