New DCS Flight Simulators Announced

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011 , Posted by admin at 16:17

New DCS Flight Simulators Announced

DCS: Black Shark 2 

We all play games for fun, right? Well, not all of us. Some of us play games to get an ultra-realistic simulation of various military machines, and if that describes your playing habits, then you may be interested in this little bit of news. The Fighter Collection, publisher of the Digital Combat Simulator series, has just sent us word of its "future publishing intentions". That means new games, sim-pilot!

The Fighter Collection's press release is prefaced with the statement: "please understand that plans often change due to unforeseen circumstances". Can we all understand that? Good. Now here's what you can expect in the near future (skip to ponts 5 & 6 for a hint about new titles):

1- A-10C This is a free patch that will add multiplayer compatibility with Black Shark 2 and resolve several bugs.

2- Combined Arms. This $19.99 add-on will allow A-10C, Black Shark 2, and Flaming Cliffs 3 owner to act as ground force commanders as the mission is running. Users can direct ground units, set fire missions for artillery/multiple rocket launchers, and take the role of a Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC). As the JTAC, players will have night vision goggles, IR pointer, laser designator, and Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR). Several other new items are still being considered. Combined Arms will work in both single player and multiplayer missions.

3- Flaming Cliffs 3. This will be a paid-for update to the Flaming Cliffs series and brings it to the same world, mission editor, AI, units, etc. as A-10C and Black Shark 2. We plan to include several upgrades to the aircraft, a resource management system, and several other new features. This will also make Flaming Cliffs online compatible with A-10C and Black Shark 2. Pricing will depend on what new features are included.

4- Nevada map. This will be a $19.99 add-on that will be compatible with A-10C, Black Shark 2, and FC3. Users that purchased the A-10C beta will get this map for free.

5- The first "DCS Flying Legends" aircraft will be released in the first half of 2012.

6- The next US fixed wing jet DCS aircraft is being worked on in parallel.

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