New Vegas, New Companions

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011 , Posted by admin at 4:14

New Vegas, New Companions

With Skyrim so close we can taste it, now is a good time to revisit Bethesda’s other titles. Here are some new companions to keep you company in the charming wasteland that is New Vegas.

RobCo Certified New Vegas

RobCo Certified by Talkie Toaster Have you ever wanted a robot as a buddy? This awesome mod by Talkie Toaster allows you to recruit your own army of automatons to do your bidding.

RobCo Certified adds a new perk system in which, if you have the proper ingredients, you can repair and recruit robots around the land. Additionally, you can craft additional robot allies with ingredients you find around New Vegas.

There are a number of unique robots with unusual abilities available for recruitment. Just remember – you can’t hug with nuclear arms!

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