Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
PlayStation 3

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Second Opinions

Does everyone at IGN think it's a masterpiece?

Just about a month ago, I -- Greg Miller -- reviewed Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and gave it a 10. Since then, Naughty Dog unleashed the epic on the world, and plenty of people have their own opinion on the title. So, what does the rest of IGN think of Uncharted 3? Well...

!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!

Uncharted 3's Best Moments

1) Overall, Uncharted 3 is _________________.
a) a masterpiece
b) a good game
c) a letdown
d) a terrible experience

Colin Moriarty, IGN PlayStation Editor: A
Uncharted 3 shows the power of the experience a video game could provide. Its presentation is essentially flawless.

Ryan Clements, IGN PlayStation Editor: B
I loved almost every minute of it. Except a few sections in which the challenge of combat left my comfort zone.

Brian Altano, IGN Senior Features Editor: B
The pacing and presentation in Uncharted 3 is unmatched, but the shooting still feels a bit odd and clunky. I shouldn't have to shoot somebody six times with a shotgun just for them to lose their armor.

Andrew Goldfarb, IGN News Associate Editor: A
I don't know if I'd use the word "masterpiece," but even with a few flaws, Uncharted 3 is absolutely the definitive Uncharted game. It succeeds at everything it tries to do and exceeded even my wildest expectations.

Sam Claiborn, IGN Editor: A
Uncharted 3 perfects interactive storytelling, succeeding where games like L.A. Noire and Heavy Rain fall short. It may not be a perfect game, but it is a perfect something.

2) The graphics in Uncharted 3 are ___________.
a) the best I've ever seen on a console
b) insanely good
c) decent
d) not as good as people make them out to be

Colin Moriarty: A
My first instinct was to choose B, but in reality, I can't think of a console game that looks better. Uncharted 3 is one of those games you show to non-gamers to prove how far video games have come.

Ryan Clements: A
I don't know graphics as well as the true tech nuts of the world, but I know what looks right. And Uncharted 3 looks right, from start to finish.

Brian Altano: A
Uncharted 3's sheer scope is breathtaking and the massive range of environments you'll explore and conquer is consistently raising its own bar. Even the plagues of spiders look incredible, and I hate plagues of spiders.

Andrew Goldfarb: A
Everything looks incredible. The desert is stunning, and standing on a rooftop looking at a Syrian city lit up in the distance is breathtaking and easily a highlight of this year for me.

Sam Claiborn: B
Uncharted 3 features some of the most visually striking scenes I have ever seen in a game. Specifically: The desert.

3) My favorite part of Uncharted 3 is ___________.
a) the story
b) the visuals
c) the performances
d) something Greg didn't think of


Nathan Drake Gets Owned

Colin Moriarty: C
Honestly, you could put Drake, Sully and Elena in just about any situation and I'll love it. Three games into the series, those characters mean something to me.

Ryan Clements: C
The characters (and their respective actors) make Uncharted 3. Beautiful visuals aside, I kept playing for Sully and Drake (and Elena… and Chloe…).

Brian Altano: D
While I enjoyed the characters in Uncharted 3 (especially seeing some of Nate and Sully's backstory finally touched upon through playable flashback sections) it was the set pieces that will really stand the test of time when I think back on Uncharted 3. From crumbling cities to a topsized pirate cruise ship, the ending credits' location montage served as one of the most berserk and insanely creative travel logs I've ever played.

Andrew Goldfarb: D
The Drake and Sully relationship. Uncharted 3 adds so many rich and nuanced layers to their friendship, and I cared more about these two after the first hour of gameplay than I did after all of Uncharted 1 and 2. Nolan North & Richard McGonagle completely sell that relationship, and the moment when Sully gets shot was legitimately heartbreaking.

Sam Claiborn: C
The performances from Uncharted 3's actors, and the script itself, have always been the most impressive part of the series. The behind-the-scenes bonus videos show enthusiastic actors thriving on good material -- completely unprecedented in games.

4) I _________ the shooting in Uncharted 3.
a) loved
b) was fine with
c) hated
d) couldn't care less about

Colin Moriarty: B
At first, the shooting didn't feel right to me… it didn't feel Uncharted-like. But after making major adjustments to control sensitivity, I settled-down and got into the experience.

Ryan Clements: B
"Tolerate" fits perfectly here. The shooting works fine and keeps the action moving, but it could use improvement.

Count the shells, suck-a-duck.
Count the shells, suck-a-duck.
Brian Altano: C
The aiming reticle seemed off, pulling off headshots never felt completely rewarding and certain sequences felt like neverending trial and error suicide montages. If I never feel the beam of three different idiotic sniper rifle laser points on me at the same time in a video game ever again, I'll die a happy man.

Andrew Goldfarb: B
I didn't find the shooting mechanics any better or worse than the previous Uncharted games. There are still plenty of improvements that could be made, but the shooting never bothered me to the point that it prevented me from enjoying the game.

Sam Claiborn: B
I don't have any problem with the actual shooting mechanics in the game, and I enjoy playing through scenes on harder difficulties just to see what tactics work. Murdering dozens of cookie-cutter enemies is goofy, but that's what makes it interactive, I suppose.

5) With Uncharted 3 done, I want Naughty Dog to _________.
a) get to work on Uncharted 4
b) get to work on Jak 4
c) get to work on a Vita game
d) do something else

Colin Moriarty: D
I love Uncharted and am excited about Vita (and think Jak should probably remain dormant), but frankly, Naughty Dog needs to do something else. I want to see what this studio is capable of with a new IP.

Ryan Clements: D
The developers at Naughty Dog represent some of the most talented individuals in the industry. I want them to create something I've never seen before – and I want it to knock me clear off my feet (I have faith).

Brian Altano: A
Keep going, Naughty dog. I don't care about those other games you make about the goggle elf and his pet rat. Refine the shooting bits in Uncharted 4 and we've got game of the decade material here.

Andrew Goldfarb: D
The Uncharted series is amazing and Naughty Dog is pushing storytelling in games in the right direction. Rather than drive Uncharted into the ground, I'd like to see them give the same cinematic treatment to a new IP.

Sam Claiborn: D
The game industry tends to shackle creative people to their most lucrative projects, so I hope the folks at Naughty Dog can take a break from Uncharted and pursue other ideas. I think Naughty Dog's work belongs on the "big screen," not Vita

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