2012 : Juegos multiplataformas

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Juegos multiplataformas 2012

Los juegos multiplataformas son los que más tirada suelen tener, los que por suerte o por desgracia inundan nuestras vidas por un periodo de tiempo a través de publicidad y más publicidad. Son las grandes obras de arte creadas por estudios de desarrollo reputados que cuentan con un respaldo lo suficientemente importante como para llegar a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Nintendo 3DS y compañía.

Microsoft, Sony y Nintendo podrán disfrutar de los siguientes lanzamientos durante el 2012 que estamos a punto de empezar:

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - Trailer [HD]
Accept the mission and play three great chapters in the Metal Gear franchise with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Included are Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. All three games are rendered in high-definition for the first time!
Note the clips used are not from the HD Collection. The music used is not made by Harry Gregson WIlliams it is a fan made music for MGS.
Anarchy Reigns

ANARCHY REIGNS is a heavy-hitting, action packed multiplayer brawler that puts players in the middle of the battle simultaneously.
The game includes a diverse range of multiplayer modes to provide players with different challenges, including Tag Team battles and Battle Royal, where players can challenge others in a full-on fight for victory.
• Online multiplayer with multiple action packed modes.
• Multiple playable characters each with unique abilities and super powers.
• Over-the-top battles and unique characters that you can experience online

Final Fantasy XIII-2

TGS 2011 trailer for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2.
Available January 31, 2012 on both PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system.


Check out the new trailer for this thrilling new XCOM trailer, set in the 50s


Check out this trailer for NeverDead from Tokyo Game Show.

The Darkness II

Gameplay trailer from the action game The Darkness.


Meet the two women with (almost) the same name who are complicating Vincent's life. Who would you choose?
Story synopsis:
Vincent likes his girlfriend. Katherine's pretty, smart, and successful. Trouble is, she's starting to talk about long-term commitment, something Vincent's spent his entire life avoiding. Since romantic complications are the last thing he wants to deal with, Vincent meets his friends for their regular night of drinks. Little does he know that he's about to be blindsided by a beautiful, seductive, irresistible freight train named Catherine. Suddenly, he's hung over in bed next to the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, unsure about the previous night's events. Was it just making out, he wonders, or did something more serious happen between them? Should he tell Katherine? Will he ever see Catherine again? Vincent's about to find that a stumble on the staircase of love can turn into a horrific, fatal plummet

Binary Domain

Learn what humanity is up against in this trailer for Binary Domain!


Fantastic new Gamescom 2011 trailer for EA SPORTS SSX featuring pre alpha gameplay.

Soul Calibur V


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