Classic Videogames Hardware Now For Kindle

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011 , Posted by admin at 23:27

Classic Videogames Hardware Now For Kindle

Now you can read Retrogamer’s brilliant Classic Videogames Hardware on Kindle, too!

Check out Retro Gamer’s fantastic Classic Videogames Hardware available for Kindle from Amazon or in paperback from the Imagine Shop, today!

When it comes to books, these days there are more options than ever for readers. Apple, with its unstoppable iPad, has shown that more and more people want to consume thier books in as many ways as possible. You don’t have to have a paper copy to enjoy some of the best books Imagine Publishing has to offer. You can now buy some of its best selling titles on the iPad and the Kindle, too.

There has never been an easier way to sit back and enjoy reading about old school computer games from Retro Gamers classic articles. Ironically, you’ll be reading about them on devices so advanced that if you showed them to a Mega Drive player, they would think you were a wizard – which wouldn’t be far from the truth.


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