The Coolest Superheroines’ Power Upgrades

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The Coolest Superheroines’ Power Upgrades
It’s cool thing to be a drop dead-lovely-sexy lady with superpowers, but eventually you need to kick them up a level or two, just to make things a little more interesting; and than you can face any villain that is crazy enough to stay in your way… These heroines got a boost to their power levels, and it did them a world of good.

Emma Frost

The Marvel Universe has no shortage of telepaths – it’s like you can’t turn a corner without getting your mind read. Emma Frost, formerly known as the White Queen, was one of the best. But what good does reading thoughts do against an army of marauding mutant-killing robots? When the Sentinels attacked the mutant island of Genosha and slaughtered its inhabitants, Emma looked ready to die. That is, until her secondary mutation kicked in, turning her entire body into living diamond and making her virtually indestructible. Sweet! The only drawback is that she can’t use her telepathy in that form, making a switch back to meat-flesh necessary.


Ms. Marvel

Some upgrades last, some don’t. In the case of Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, she’s been upgraded and reset more times that man can actually count. Probably the most notable came during Chris Claremont’s original X-Men run, when she tagged along with the team on an adventure in space. After being captured by the alien Brood, her body underwent a startling change into Binary, a portal to the nearly-unimaginable energy of a white dwarf star. Those powers were later stripped, but it was cool while it lasted



Some upgrades happen in a pretty understandable way. And then sometimes you get kidnapped by an Asian crime syndicate and given plastic surgery and brainwashing so you think you’re a Chinese assassin. Psylocke was an unremarkable telepath with few physical combat skills until the Hand got ahold of her, reshaping her body to become a serious threat and focusing her psychic abilities to create the glowing purple knife of pure thought that has since become her trademark.



Vixen is another DC hero plugged into the morphogenetic field that governs the development of all life on Earth. But in a recent Justice League story, the heroine got a very cool (if temporary) boost to her powers. Realizing that humans (and metahumans) are just animals, Vixen gained the power to reach out and snag the abilities of humans as well, turning her into a virtually unstoppable juggernaut with powers from the Flash, Superman and more. Alas, the ability was soon stripped from her, but it was sweet while it lasted.



Before Greer Grant Nelson became the orange-furred she-cat we all know and love, she was just an ordinary lady in a skin-tight costume. As the Cat, she fought crooks and the super-espionage organization Hydra before taking a ray gun blast to the back and dying. But not really, as she was rescued by a race of mystical cat people and given the ability to shift into a were-cat with enhanced strength, speed, and animal instincts. She’s become so comfortable in that skin that now that even though she has the ability to change back, she decides not to.


Invisible Woman

One of the earliest and most important power upgrades came in the pages of Fantastic Four, the comic book that paved the way for the modern age of the superhero adventure. Of the quartet, the Invisible Girl had the lamest luck – all she could do was make herself transparent. That is, until Stan and Jack decided to amp her up a notch, first giving her the ability to make other objects invisible and then expanding this somehow to the creation of force fields. These fields in many ways make Sue the strongest member of the team, as she has used them for dozens of applications. It was shortly afterward that she decided to change her superhero name to the Invisible Woman. Girl power, Sue.


Jean Grey

One of the most famous power boosts in comics history comes once again from the pages of X-Men. Jean Grey was at first a moderately powerful telekinetic, but after coming into contact with the alien Phoenix Force she’s transformed into possibly the most powerful heroine the Marvel universe has ever seen, capable of snuffing out stars with the merest thought. Anybody who’s ever played Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 knows just what a terrifying badass Dark Phoenix can be.


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