Epic Games Set To Unveil New IP At Spike Video Game Awards

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Epic Games Set To Unveil New IP At Spike Video Game Awards


Cliffy B, the lead designer at Epic Games, has released a new promotional video promoting a brand new IP set to be unveiled at the Spike Videogame Awards next weekend. In the announcement he states that the new property has nothing to do with either Infinity Blade or Gears of War, the company’s two most recent franchises.

Word has it that the new reveal could have something to do with the announcement that was set for last year’s Games Developer Conference that was pulled at the last minute. At that time Cliffy B felt that the IP they were set to unveil was going to be a trailblazer, similar to the way that Gears of War was inspired by the previous Unreal Tournament games.

Personally, I was hoping we would see the announcement of the rumored Gears of War Prequel Trilogy. According to rumors circulating around the internet (reliable I know), Bulletstorm studio “People Can Fly” has been working on a prequel trilogy set to expand the Gears universe.

Whatever CliffyB and Epic announce at this year’s VGAs we will be sure to bring it to you as soon as it happens.

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