Qore’s December Episode features Final Fantasy XIII-2, Soul Calibur V, and The Darkness II

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Qore’s December Episode features Final Fantasy XIII-2, Soul Calibur V, and The Darkness II
While most of us are using December to catch up on all the huge game releases this holiday season, the December episode of Qore is looking forward to 2012. And, in anticipation of the new year, we’re very excited to kick off a new era for Qore with both a new host and new correspondent. Please welcome Qore’s new host Jesse Blaze Snider and new field correspondent Tiffany Smith.

Meet the new hosts of Qore!
Meet the new hosts of Qore, Jesse Blaze Snider and Tiffany Smith

Jesse jumps right into the giant sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2. With time travel, new fight mechanics, and new characters joining the old cast, XIII-2 expands an already epic storyline.

If you’re into weapon-based fighting (who isn’t?), then you’ll definitely want to check out the Qore preview of Soul Calibur V. Meet old and new characters such as Assassin’s Creed’s very own Ezio Auditore making his fighting game debut. And, check out the ‘create-a-fighter’ tools.

Tiffany Smith visits 2K Games to catch up with Jackie Estacado’s story in The Darkness II. She reports on the devotion to design demonstrated in the team’s efforts to uphold the graphic novel roots and gets her hands on an intriguing game mechanic they call…’quad wielding.’

For Resistance 3 fans that wanted a little metal in their game, Qore has the scoop on Mastodon’s soundtrack for upcoming DLC. Jesse meets with the band members as they talk about their work, their tour and their own gaming habits.

And, speaking of DLC, don’t miss an exclusive DC Comics Uncharted theme celebrating the 6 issue limited Uncharted series.

We hope you enjoy this month’s Qore.

Qore Episode 43 - December 2011
Qore Episode 43 - December 2011, featuring Resistance 3 DLC, The Darkness II, and Soul Calibur V


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