Behind the scenes with Uncharted 3 actors

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Behind the scenes with Uncharted 3 actors

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is due out next week (can you believe it?!), and early previews are really hyping up the game’s narrative and the amazing performances from the actors.

Remember, of course, that actors in the Uncharted series don’t merely lend their voices to the role – a large chunk of the development involves motion capture, so what you’re seeing (and hearing) is a pretty close approximation of what actually goes on in the studio.

How close? Here’s a new video from Sony and developers Naughty Dog showing off Nolan North as Drake and Emily Rose as Elena Fisher, and just how this whole performance capture shenanigans goes on.

Despite references to the Imperial Dunes in California, that video’s actually filmed on location in Jordan, which is pretty awesome in and of itself.

It’s always refreshing to hear developers – and artists and actors – explain that they’re not 100% happy with the project. Makes a nice change from the “It’s the best thing that we’ve ever done” hyperbole.

(Despite Nolan’s comments, we’re sure that Uncharted 3 is something that he – and the team at Naughty Dog – is very proud of.)

Exclusive to PlayStation 3, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is due out next week – November 1st in North America, 2nd in Europe and 3rd in Australia.

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