Five Oblivion Mods Skyrim Should Have

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Five Oblivion Mods Skyrim Should Have

While the reviews are pouring in giving praise that Skyrim is the pinnacle of this generation’s RPG genre; it will of course not be perfect. In this blog, we list five modifications we are eagerly looking forward to being implemented in Bethesda’s upcoming epic.

Five Oblivion Mods Skyrim Should Have

Oblivion Graphics Extender (by Timeslip, Scanti, ShadeMe and Ethatron):

Let’s be honest with ourselves; Skyrim does look gorgeous but it can look better and that’s why we hope the community will make something for it. Oblivion Graphics Extender enables multiple shaders and lighting options making the aged Gamebryo engine not look so bad. If these guys can pull something off for the new Creation engine, my heartbeat and PC’s temperature will increase.

HG EyeCandy Mod (by RAIAR and Madcat221):

The characters in Skyrim look great and females actually look like females this time around. Of course, why stop there? We’re aware the majority of players take great ‘interest’ in having the women in their game look very ‘detailed’ for different reasons but, that doesn’t eliminate the fact this mod makes the game more visually improved for those who enjoy playing female characters. We’ll survive if this isn’t updated because Skyrim at least has NPCs looking like humans.

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum (by Xilver):

The combat and magic system has been improved in the fifth Elder Scrolls, but it still isn’t an epic adventure to gain more power. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum doesn’t just revamp the visuals and balances the magic system, MMSoA transforms it into a grand adventure where you must complete quests and slay dangerous foes to obtain powerful spells.

DarNified UI (by DarN):

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has of course improved upon the user interface making it more accessible and less of an eye strain to look at. It’s definitely an improvement over Oblivion, our sister site GameSpy reports that it still suffers from being designed for consoles. DarN made an amazing UI modification for Oblivion providing more customization and additional information to be seen in-game. Hopefully he’ll pull through and spiffy up Skyrim’s UI.


Unofficial Oblivion Patch (by Oblivion Modding Community):

Bethesda is known for making epic games but those games are also known for being incredibly buggy. The devoted Elder Scrolls modding community pulled off wonders by creating an “unofficial” patch for Oblivion, fixing over 1,800 bugs so far and continuing to squash even more. This is a terrific example of what makes PC Gaming so great and we eagerly hope that these guys will do the same for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Five Oblivion Mods Skyrim Should Have

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