PSN News / 10 of the Best: PSP Essentials

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PSN News / 10 of the Best: PSP Essentials

Our pick of the great value PSP Essentials available to download to your PSP from PlayStation Store today.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Form a rugged hunting party with up to three friends in this vast game of exploration and combat. A sprawling world of untold adventures and spectacular beasts awaits in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, where the real story is your evolution from rookie trapper to master hunter in pursuit of the most demanding prey on PSP.


Pata-pata-pata-pon! It's the most tuneful war cry you'll ever shout, and in Patapon on PSP, it's the guiding rhythm of your own mischievous, spear-toting tribe. Drum out a series of beats using the action buttons of your PSP system, and lead your quirky warriors in daring battles on the way to discovering the mysterious IT at the end of the world. Don't miss a beat in this stunningly original adventure.

WipEout Pure

Impossible speed and intense excitement ensure WipEout Pure transforms your PSP system into a hybrid racing machine of the far future. Scream along physics-defying tracks to a soundtrack of thumping beats, and challenge your friends to keep up with you in flat-out multiplayer modes via PlayStation Network. WipEout Pure lets you bend the laws of gravity to your will – can your reflexes keep up?

Everybody's Golf 2

Simple to play and with enormous depth to master, Everybody's Golf 2 on PSP really is a game for all. Outrageous shots are possible right off the tee, while the points earned by winning tournaments and head-to-head duels unlock better equipment and golfers. Colourful, polished and immensely satisfying, a little birdie tells us this is a must-have on PSP.


Fizzing visuals combine with compelling, enduring gameplay in LocoRoco, in yet another example of the vibrancy of the PSP Essentials range. Bounce and roll your LocoRoco around the screen and encourage him to eat and grow. As he expands, explore magical new areas by using simple tilting controls. Before you know it, you'll be completely enveloped in the rich palette and striking melodies of LocoRoco.


Slick, thrilling and, above all, authentic, EA SPORTS FIFA 09 on PSP is the football game that never runs out of steam. Sharp opposition tactics mean you must combine creative flair with rigorous discipline, while the Be a Pro: Seasons mode lets you experience top-flight action from the perspective of your favourite player. Whether you're a jinking wizard or an unyielding stopper, there's something here to suit you.


Half of a famous partnership has gone missing, and it's up to his sidekick to take centre stage in Daxter on PSP. Wily ottsel, Daxter, must become a roving pest exterminator so he can scour the streets of Haven City and find a way to rescue his old pal Jak. Mash mosquitoes and grapple with giant grasshoppers to reunite the two PlayStation stars. The only problem is, those bugs won't go down easily...

Burnout Legends

Smash lap times and opponents in Burnout Legends on PSP, the game that fuses speed and destruction to help you vent your road rage. An expansive World Tour mode lets you take the wheel of almost 100 muscle, sports and super cars, as you compete with other players over PlayStation Network to cause the biggest pile-ups on PSP.

Power Stone Collection

Bizarre, engaging and frenzied – that's Power Stone Collection. It's the very definition of a brawl to find the last man standing, as you collect coloured gems – Power Stones – which unleash devastating attacks on your three enemies. With arenas including an old inn and a robot towering among the clouds, this is one of the most memorable beat 'em ups on PSP.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Rest and recuperation turns into an intergalactic rescue mission as Ratchet and Clank find their summer holiday interrupted by the kidnap of a little girl. As they race across the cosmos, the intrepid duo discover a race of genius inventors, more gadgets than you could shake an Omniwrench at and fluid action perfectly suited to gaming on the go. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters shows why relaxation is overrated.

Open up a world of vital PSP gaming right now by downloading any of these PSP Essentials from PlayStation Store.

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