Volition: PC Saints Row

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Volition: PC Saints Row: The Third Not a Console Port
Studio says its over-the-top sandbox game will shine on PC

Volition is making a push to make Saints Row: The Third for PC worth your investment, and the studio revealed that along with DirectX11 support and other graphical bells and whistles, the Windows version of the game will include some Team Fortress 2 love.

Posting on the official Saints Row blog, Volition made its pitch to PC gamers, admitting that the outsourced Windows port of Saints Row 2 "could've been a lot better."
 "With Saints Row: The Third though, we've taken all of the development of the PC version in-house, so that the PC version will be at the same level of playability as the console versions," Volition stated.

The rundown: Saints Row: The Third on PC will include AMD Eyefinity support, DX9, DX10, and DX11 support, it will be Crossfire enabled, SLI enabled, offer advanced depth of field, reflections, ambient occlusion quality, and those beautiful god rays.

In addition, the Steam version of the game will include a Saints Video Record Mode for easy recording and sharing of gameplay clips, and post launch, Saints Row: The Third on Steam will receive exclusive free customization options, including over-sized bobblehead masks of characters from Valve's Team Fortress 2.

"Saints Row: The Third on PC is not a port, and it's our goal here at Volition to prove that to our PC fans," the studio stated. "We hope you enjoy the game when it releases to the public on November 15th."

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